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The Fashion Apparel and Leather Industry's Challenges

International Market Competition:

Introducing a new brand in an overly competitive and fragmented industry where international brands strongly influence global luxury retail markets is difficult. The figures in the clothing and leather industries show how foreign players are gaining market share through deep discounts and superior infrastructure. Customers have flocked to them because of their high-quality goods and well-organized practices, processes, and programmers. Starting a fashion brand is now all about innovating to reach international standards whether you want to develop your fashion label or extend your apparel market. The Fashion industry especially for readymade garments is facing global competition and not thriving as against foreign brands. Top fashion retailers are also facing the e-commerce challenge, with international fashion brands like Burberry, Zara, and H&M offering online routes for purchase. The clothing and apparel industry is plagued by obsolescence in the face of international challenges steeped in advanced technologies and the latest trends. The added prestige value of wearing a foreign branded clothing or apparel is further fueled by aspirational buyers.

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  • • Achieving the level of consistency your customers require from your products?
  • • Controlling the level of internal reworking to your satisfaction?
  • • Meeting delivery dates on a reliable basis?
  • • Getting the best from the people in the front line?
  • • Suffering under the same recurring quality issues and manufacturing mistakes time and again?
  • • Struggling to meet environmental targets?
  • • Intending to re-locate all or part of your business in the near future?
  • • Seeking a project partner with key knowledge of the industry?

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