Manufacturing Consulting.


Our manufacturing experts use in-depth research and analysis, an enthusiasm for problem solving, and unbridled creativity to develop solutions and insights that are in line with your goals and priorities, assisting you in the creation of the data-driven factory of the future.

We are here to help

Are you a small or medium size company (or a start-up)? Having trouble finding the right production source? Do you need help to get to the next level?

Heir professionals specialize in:

  • • Sourcing Factories Worldwide for your designs/products
  • • Handling production (apparel, accessories, products etc)
  • • Business Establishment
  • • Business Plan Building
  • • Brand Management
  • • Designs (logos, graphics, apparel and products)
  • • Sales/marketing strategies
  • • Operations etc.

We Offer

We offer a broad range of solutions in:
  • • Cost reduction
  • • Productivity improvement
  • • Efficiency enhancement
  • • Line balancing
  • • Rework and rejection control
  • • Uninterrupted (delay free) production
  • • Inventory management
  • • Production planning & control
  • • Supply chain management

We have a lot of experience designing tailored products for different types of companies. By using our consulting/advisory facilities, you will be able to gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

For more details please contact us

  • [email protected]

  • +92314 4393 150